Hveragerði | The Geothermal Village

HVERAGERÐI is a small, peaceful town in the heart of Iceland’s beautiful and picturesque nature. In Hveragerði there is a plethora of interesting activities to indulge in and of sights to enjoy. Visitors find that spending a tranquil day in the scenic surroundings of this peaceful small town is both invigorating and enchanting. We recommend starting a day in Hveragerði by going to the hot springs, located in the very centre of town. hveragVisitors to the hot springs can choose to be educated about geothermal energy and the springs, including Dynkur, which blows it’s distinctive spray of water regularly or Ruslahver with it’s interesting history, as well as many more geysers. Above the town looms the church and from it twist the two roads Frumskógar and Bláskógar which have been associated with poetry and inspiration since many of the nations greatest poets have at some point lived there. Not far from the church is a wooded grove precariously lined by imposing cliffs called “the Hammer”. The small wood contains a number of hiking paths exposing the rare scenic beauty of this Icelandic forest.

In the centre of town lie the green-house flower gardens which also offer an opportunity for visitors to break for lunch while bathing their feet in the crisp and clear river stream while enjoying the sight of the magnificent waterfall of Reykjafoss. Crossing the bridge near the flower gardens a winding road takes you up a hill whereupon is situated the towns public swimming-pool (a standard feature in most Icelandic towns) and what better way to end a wonderful day at Hveragerði than to have a dip in the hot spring fed “Jacuzzi ” (small warm “pool-let”) or to visit the natural steam bath before hitting one of the many restaurants in the town centre

hveragThe geothermal pool/swimming pool at Laugaskarð

Notable for its greenhouses and floriculture, Hveragerði locals have made several clever moves to make use of the geothermal heat. The geothermal pool at Laugaskarð, built in the 1940s, is one of them. Ranking among the top pools in the country, and the best in the world according to the locals , the swimming pool alone attracts dozens of visitors every weekend who just want to relax in the hot tubs. Together with the quiet village vibe in the calm country town, the stay is almost indescribable for those who haven’t tried it.

But every pool in the country has hot tubs, so what’s special about this one? There are several things that make this pool distinct from all others within close reach. First, and most important of all, is the fact that it’s an outdoor pool with an incredible view. While soaking in the hot tubs, you can gaze at the steep mountain hills that seem to be only metres away. Its architecture is also interesting. The pool is moderately designed and, although constructed almost 70 years ago, it’s equipped with all the up-to-date indulgences we modern folk crave so much, including a Jacuzzi ,natural steam bath and a spa.

3The geothermal area

The geothermal area in Hveragerði is in the town’s very centre and is considered to be one of the greatest natural attractions of south Iceland. It lies on the east side of an active volcanic ridge extending from the Reykjanes peninsula, through Þingvellir and ending in the northern slopes of the Langjökull glacier.

The area has an information desk located in the club house at Hveramörk, east of the hot springs area where visitors can obtain information regarding the geothermal activity and how it relates to the local geothermal micro-organism, the general geology and the volcanic activity. In addition, a detailed guide of how the geothermal energy is utilized. A number of interesting geysers can be found in the area, among others Dynkur and Ruslahver which have both been mentioned before.

The camping area at Reykjamörk Hveragerði

The camping area at Reykjamörk is located in a beautiful and heavily grown area where all standard tourists services are readily available and within a short distance. Restroom, shower and laundry facilities are all available in the club house (including dryers) which is located on the camping grounds. The club house provides information services for hiking paths in and around the entire Hveragerði area. The club house also provides large rain shelters and fresh water facilities along with seating accommodations and is therefore a perfect place for a lunch break or just a short rest during the day. Facilities for waste disposal and electric charging for camping-trailers are provided as well.

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