THE VOYAGE of the Icelander (Íslendingur) was conceived by Icelandic shipbuilder and captain Gunnar Marel Eggertsson, a direct descendant of Leifur Eiriksson. The Icelander is an exact replica of a ninth century icelanderViking ship and was designed and built by Eggertsson in 1998. The Viking-ship the Icelander is an exact replica of an old Viking-ship called the "Gaukstad-ship" which was excavated from an ancient burial mound in Norway in 1882. The ship was very well preserved and scientists were able to date it back to 870 AD, the time of the settlement of Iceland.

In the Viking era, a ship like the Icelander normally had around 70 crew members with a double shift of rowers for the 32 oars. In the middle of the ship there was a sandpit to support an open fire, and livestock such as lamb would provide fresh meals for the long voyages.

The Icelander is a worthy representative of the ships that sailed the North Atlantic a thousand years ago. Like the original Viking ships, the Icelander is a fast and an exceptionally stable oceangoing vessel


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